Online Hearing Screening

What can I learn from an online hearing screening?

An online hearing screening gives you a preliminary assessment of your current hearing ability. While it is not a replacement for a clinical evaluation conducted by a hearing professional such as an audiologist, it can still provide valuable insights. From an online hearing screening, you can learn:

  • Estimated level of your hearing ability
  • Awareness of your hearing health and care
  • Whether you need to take further actions
  • Whether you're a candidate for Orka hearing aids

*It is important to note that online hearing screening have limitations and cannot replace a professional hearing assessment. Factors like the quality of your headphones or speakers, environmental noise, and the absence of bone conduction testing can affect the accuracy of the screening results. If you suspect you have hearing difficulties or your online screening results indicate a potential issue, it’s crucial to consult an audiologist or hearing care professional for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized recommendations.

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