What is the use of Orka Health App?

Orka Health App is one-stop access to your personalized hearing experience. Its features include:

  • Volume control: Adjust the overall volume of your hearing aids or control the volume for each ear individually.
  • Program selection: Switch between different hearing programs designed for various environments or situations, such as quiet settings or noisy environments.
  • Sound customization: By taking the in-app hearing screening, you can tailor your hearing aids according to your screening results.
  • Directional focus: Control the directional microphones of your hearing aids to focus on sounds coming from specific directions (e.g. in front of you)
  • Battery monitoring: Monitor the battery level of your hearing aids.
  • Remote support: Access remote care support from your hearing care professional, including remote adjustments to your hearing aids.
  • Connectivity status: Check the status of your connected devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or TV.
  • Firmware update: Access to the very latest features and performance improvements developed by Orka via over-the-air technology.
  • Help center: Allow you to access the user guide and troubleshooting tips as well as to request assistance through contact us when you encounter problems with using the hearing aids or app.

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