Remote Care

What can I expect from the Welcome Call?

Orka's hearing care professionals will talk with you to ensure you're doing well with Orka hearing aids. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly hearing care professionals are ready to answer your questions. During the call, if needed, they could guide you through the initial setup of your hearing aids and Orka Health App.

If you've already completed the initial setup before the Welcome Call and have uploaded your audiogram, it's essential to sync your hearing profile so that your hearing aids are programmed to your hearing levels. If you don't have an audiogram, you can take our in-app hearing screening to customize your hearing aids.

Please note that the new sound experiences of using your very first hearing profile created based on your audiogram or the results from in-app hearing screening may not be as good as you expect. If you have such experience, it's important to let our hearing care professionals know during the call. They can make sound adjustments to ensure optimal and comfortable sound quality tailored to your specific hearing needs.

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