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Are Orka hearings eligible for insurance or government healthcare programs?

Eligibility for insurance coverage or government healthcare programs, such as FSA/HSA, may vary depending on a variety of factors including benefit periods, allowances, and ages. While many insurers and healthcare programs often view hearing aids as alternatives and thus provide limited coverage, some may still offer some level of coverage. To find out if Orka hearing aids are covered under your individual plan or healthcare programs, it is advisable to check directly with your insurance provider or program administrator for more specifics. You may require a medical diagnosis of hearing loss from a qualified audiologist. In the event you are eligible for a hearing aid benefit from your insurance provider or healthcare programs, you can file a claim using our official receipt. Orka can provide further assistance in filing your claim if necessary. While we provide reasonable assistance with claims, we do not guarantee insurance or healthcare programs( for example FSA/HSA) eligibility, explicitly or implicitly, and our assistance does not guarantee claim success. Please be aware that we do not provide professional advice. It is important to seek individual advice rather than solely relying on the terms of our products and services. Please note, you are accountable for your own damages or losses in connection to insurance or healthcare programs and your usage of our products or services. Orka is happy to provide further assistance if needed. Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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