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What happens if my hearing aids are faulty?

If your hearing aids are not working properly,

  1. You may refer to the user manual for basic troubleshooting
  2. You can report the issue you have through contact us which is located in the menu bar in Orka Health App. There are a few categories of issues that you can choose from, such as sound, battery, Bluetooth®, Control and others. After you submit a ticket about your issue, our Orka Expert will reach out to you for issue resolution.
  3. You may directly contact your hearing care professional after you tried basic troubleshooting the issue with the provided guides. You can also schedule a video appointment with your hearing care professional to better diagnose the issue with you.
  4. Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support to assist you via support@hiorka.com or call us at (800) 653-6022.

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