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if you have
Hearing Loss?

Orka Online Hearing Test

if you have
Hearing Loss?

No email required
Less than 5 mins
Pure-tone testing
Instant Results

What is Orka's Online Hearing Test?

A quick way to monitor your hearing

Be proactive about your hearing health. Orka’s online hearing test can be a useful first indication of whether you have reduced hearing.

Validated Pure-tone Testing

We use pure-tone audiometry to identify your hearing threshold (in dB). It will reflect your ability to understand speech and hear sound in various frequencies.

Test anywhere with comfort and privacy

No waiting rooms. No emails required. Get instant results using devices you have at home (speakers or headphones).

A Smarter,
Trustworthy Approach for Your Hearing Check

Uniquely calibrated and measures hearing across frequencies to give you results you can trust.

What happens 

during the online hearing test?


Find a quiet place and a set of listening device, preferably headphones.

Begin the 5-min test

You will hear sounds from different frequencies to measure your hearing threshold in both ears.

Get instant results

Get immediate results after the test. No emails required.

What to do

after the Online Hearing Test?

If your results indicate that you might have hearing loss, feel free to schedule a phone consultation with our hearing specialists to discuss your hearing health and get suggestions about further actions to take.


1/5 of the North
American population have hearing loss.

WHO estimated over 1.5 billion people worldwide have hearing loss. 38% of adults aged 20 to 79 years have audiometrically measured hearing loss.

It is recommended that adults who are not experiencing any noticeable hearing loss, should have their hearing tested every three to five years.

Don't notice your hearing loss

until it's too late.

''I always end up asking people to repeat themselves. That's awkward''

''I have trouble hearing high-pitched sounds''

''It's difficult to talk with my friends in noisy places, like a crowded bar.''

''I can't hear voices from a distance, even it's just across the room or behind me.''

''I missed so many phone calls.''

''I'm feeling off-balance and dizzy.''

''I'm having this ringing, hissing sound in my ears all the time.''

''My ears only seem to feel comfortable with some kinds of sounds.''

''I hate it when I'm told that my voice is either too loud or too quiet while talking.''

''I've become so afraid of parties now.''

Please be reminded that Orka's Online Hearing Test is not intended to replace a comprehensive hearing assessment for diagnostic purposes; and that nothing contained herein shall constitute medical advice, and does not establish any patient-client relationship by your use and access of this website. We'd advise you to take a hearing examination offline should you have: any visible irregularities in the shape of one or both ears; excessive ear wax or a feeling that something is in the ear; ear pain; fluid, pus, or blood coming from one or both ears; dizziness; sudden, fluctuating or rapidly progressive hearing loss; unilateral or asymmetrical hearing loss; unilateral or pulsatile tinnitus.