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I still remember clearly the time when one of our earliest testers tried the prototype. His eyes were glittering as he exclaimed, "This is the first time I'm using hearing aids in a Starbucks and not getting overwhelmed by the noises!" In that moment, Orka was reassured: noise reduction is indeed what our customers need, and tackling this challenge is the right thing to do. "But the sound is a little tinny," the user reflected honestly. Feedbacks like these are a confidence boost but also a reality check. It is you who motivates us to relentlessly improve on our product and to persistently do better.

Lovely story between Orka and users

Ben Sun

Ben Sun

Founder of Orka

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Whether your HAs work... depends on how you wear them

Jul 09, 2021

Whether your HAs work for you not only depends on the product technology or quality, but also depends on how you wear them. My brother only wears his HAs when he's talking to people, but this habit made his hearing even worse. He couldn't understand us even with his HAs on. My AuD suggested I wear my HAs all day long when I'm walking, watching TV and eating with my family. You have to get used to wearing HAs. I think my HAs work much better than my brother's.



I cannot read lips now that everyone wears masks

May 16, 2021

Usually I could read people's lips when I'm chatting with them. My wife was hospitalized last year and now everybody wears masks. I couldn't understand what the doctors or nurses were saying. Taking care of my wife was very difficult until my daughter bought me a pair of HA. Now I can hear clearly without reading lips.



Very convenient

Jun 08, 2021

I'm hard on hearing since I was a kid but never actually gotten into the habit of using it regularly, the hassle of having to put phone calls on speaker was enough to stop me. These hearing aids are the game changer. I use it almost every now for work.

Brett Clifford


Hi Brett, it was wonderful speaking with you as well. We are very proud of our live fitting sessions, and we will keep improving.

Orka Team

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