Product Details
Is Orka Two FDA registered?

Is Orka Two right for my hearing loss?

When should I see a doctor before buying Orka Two hearing aids?

Do I need an audiogram prior to purchasing Orka hearing aids?

Where can I upload my audiogram?

Can Orka Two be programmed to my hearing levels?

Can Orka Two be adjusted?

Can I purchase just one hearing aid?

What is AI DeNoise?

How do I control Orka Two?

Does Orka Two support audio streaming?

Can Orka Two be connected to multiple devices?

How do I stream my TV audio to my Orka Two?

How many hearing aid programs does Orka Two have?

Is Orka Two rechargeable?

Does Orka Two use disposable batteries?

How long does the battery last for Orka Two?

Can Orka Two help with my tinnitus?

What color options do you have?

How to clean my hearing aids?

Is it safe to buy Orka hearing aids online?

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