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Crystal Clear Hearing with Orka Two

Introducing next-gen hearing aids with premium technology and all-inclusive professional care.

What Makes Orka Two Different?

Next Level Noise Reduction with AI

With Orka's proprietary AI DeNoise technology, no matter where you are, Orka Two strikes the perfect balance between speech clarity and noise reduction.

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

Compatibility with both iOS and Android, multi-device connectivity, and undistorted high quality audio streaming. Now you have them all.

All-Inclusive Professional Care

Your 3-year warranty pairs nicely with our professional care service. Enjoy unlimited free consultations and fine-tuning sessions with Orka Hearing Care Professionals.

45-Day Risk Free TrialFull refund anytime within the 45-day trial period, no obligations.
Flexible FinancingAvailable at $1,899, or as low as $80 /mo with Affirm or PayPal.
3-Year WarrantyReceive a brand new product for damages (not intentional) to your current device.

How It Works with Orka

Find Your Fit

Take a few minutes out of your day, answer a few questions online, and understand your unique hearing conditions.

Quick Delivery & Setup

Your hearing aids will be delivered to your door, and a guided setup by your personal hearing care professional will ensure a smooth start.

Expert Remote Support

Count on our hearing care professionals for smooth and real-time online fine-tuning sessions, tailoring Orka Two to your personal needs.

Expert Care From Orka Professionals

Meet Dr. Alexi SilanceDoctor of Audiology (AuD), DNM

With over 30 years experience as an audiologist, Dr. Alexi has a passion for improving communication abilities for those with hearing loss. Her focus lies heavily on providing education about hearing aids and tinnitus management.

Orka's Mission

Orka's Story
Co-Founder & CEO, Ben
Orka's Story

In 2018 I was in my third year designing products for Apple. I could envision a future in Cupertino. Who knows, maybe I could be a part of the next iPad or Apple Watch...

Tune Into the World
Co-Founder & CMO, Xinke
Tune Into the World

The initial joy of owning a hearing aid unfortunately sometimes shifts into frustration due to outdated tech issues. But what if this scenario could take a different turn?

What Others Say About Orka

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These are great hearing aids
These are great hearing aids! Before I got my Orkas I could not even participate in conversations in crowded restaurants. It was like sitting alone with a wall of noise. Now, even in the noisiest environment I can set the profile to the conversation View More
Of all the hearing aids I have tested in the past Orka has the best look, clarity and proformance of some of the most expensive hearing aids on the market.
Being a retired 73 year old design director, I would like to make some design observations about the look and design of Orka hearing aids.When you receive your package you notice the beautiful box that it comes in. The silver leaf Orka View More
I love my Orka hearing aids
I love my Orka hearing aids. They have made a tremendous improvement in the clarity of people's voices, especially in noisy environments. I can even understand people in noisy restaurants. The Enhanced DeNoise Mode is View More
The ORKA are very nice
The ORKA are very nice, comes in a well packed box, contains all the components you need. They work well, but you need to keep your phone on you or really close by or you’ll lose the Bluetooth connection and they won’t work no more. They also View More
Monica Holbrook
This is a game-changer.
Of all the hearing aids I have tested in the past Orka has the best look, clarity and performance of some of the most expensive hearing aids on the market. Your team sho uld take a bowl... I think I mentioned this before that Orka View More

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