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Big improvement in the sound quality

Aug 07, 2023

Let’s talk about Orka 2. Big improvement in the sound quality. I can now, with the new app, easily control what I want to hear. In loud surroundings it is easy to control back ground noises due to the enhanced DeNoise technology. Also a very good improvement in the charging case touch buttons volume and mode control right on my finger tips without opening the app on my smartphone. It became easy to listen to conversations around the dining room table thanks to Orka2.

Detlef W.


Much more convenient to update audiogram

Aug 03, 2023

Flexibility in Post-COVID era COVID hit just when I was thinking of making an appointment, to update the audiogram profile for my previous hearing aids. MUCH more convenient using the Orka app to update audiogram on my own.

Bobby W.


The sound quality is good

Jul 31, 2023

The sound quality is good. I certainly hear more higher-frequency sounds than without the HAs.

Jon W.


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