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Founder’s Story

Invitation to join us at ground zero and change the industry.

The Total Package

Innovative Hearing Aid + Expert Assistance = Confident Hearing Journey

Transitioning to hearing aids can be tough. At Orka, we combine high-quality hearing aids with expert help for an easy, custom experience. Experience a well-supported hearing journey catered to your needs.

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You are One-of-a-Kind

We care about your story, lifestyle, and preference - not just your audiogram.

We adjust hearing aids to fit your life effortlessly. Feel free to involve family or friends in sessions — their input is valuable. We're your friendly partner committed to making your hearing journey enjoyable and customized, with input from those who know you best.

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Your Pace, Your Comfort

Our solutions adapt to match your pace and comfort — no best practices or industry guidelines should stand in your way.

How many sessions will it take to optimize your hearing aids?

The number of sessions varies for each person, but rest assured, our Orka hearing care professionals are committed to working with you until you're completely satisfied. Plus, forget about the hassle of traveling; we offer remote sessions for your convenience, catering to your needs and comfort right from your own home!

“Orka is using AI and machine learning in innovative ways not merely for tech’s sake.”

“They want to make their dent in the universe by making hearing aids accessible and approachable to everyone.”


Get to Know Orka Now

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August 14, 2023

Why General Chips are the Next Big Leap in Hearing Technology

The accelerating pace of general chip innovation could have a major impact on hearing aids compared to specialty chips..
May 29, 2023
USER VOICE- 3 min read

Monica’s Story: A New Chapter with Orka Hearing Aids

For most of my life, I found myself constantly asking people to repeat themselves and cranking up the TV volume to deafening levels...
May 29, 2023
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