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Monica’s Story: A New Chapter with Orka Hearing Aids

Written by Monica OrtizMay 29, 2023 - 3 min read


For most of my life, I found myself constantly asking people to repeat themselves and cranking up the TV volume to deafening levels. As a child, I was often accused of not paying attention. Nobody ever suspected that the real issue could be my hearing. Since this was the only way I had ever experienced sound, I didn't realize there was a problem either. It wasn't until my 30s, when I finally visited an audiologist and found out that the cilia in my ears were damaged. I would never be able to hear in a 'normal' way.

This damage stems from a terrible car accident that occurred when I was just six months old. While driving on an icy mountainous road in New Hampshire, a woman lost control of her car and crashed into ours, resulting in massive head trauma for me. Although the doctors did their best, the medical treatments available in the 1970s were limited. Consequently, I still struggle with migraines and hearing loss today.

Seeking a solution, I started browsing the internet, exploring various over-the-counter hearing aids. I was reluctant to revisit an audiologist and pay hefty prices for something I was uncertain about. After researching top brands, I finally came across Orka. Their risk-free home trial and 45-day money-back guarantee caught my attention, and I decided to give it a try, knowing there was minimal risk involved.

The day the Orka hearing aids arrived, I nervously took them to work, and the anticipation made my stomach churn and palms sweat. After half an hour of hesitation and a comforting call with my husband, I summoned the courage to put them on. Although it was initially overwhelming and loud, I was astounded by how much of the world I had been missing. Gradually, I adapted and began to enjoy the clarity and comfort of my new hearing aids.

Orka has given me something I never thought possible – they have truly transformed my life, and words cannot express my gratitude.

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