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A Big Leap Towards a Better Hearing Solution: Orka Launches Orka Two, the Next-Generation Hearing Aid

Written by OrkaAug 14, 2023 - 5 min read



Instead of following the trend of white-labeling products, Orka has dedicated itself to building an innovative hearing solution, Orka Two from the ground up. After four years of dedication, Orka is proud to present the ultimate Orka Two, a non-tiered priced complete hearing solution with full cycle service.

"We understand firsthand the frustrations associated with hearing loss, and we believe that technology can play a vital role in improving the lives of individuals with hearing impairments," said Ben Sun, Founder and CEO of Orka. "That's why we built Orka Two from the ground up and from a first-hand user perspective. We’ve been in stealth mode for years developing a device based on countless human trials."

Orka Two Product

Orka Two goes beyond traditional hearing aids. Offered at a competitive, non-tiered price, Orka Two brings premium quality within reach of many. Diverging from convention, Orka shifts from the typical hearing-aid-specific chip and taps into the power of a general-purpose chip to harness more complex algorithm computing capabilities. Further empowered by the unique AI DeNoise technology and an advanced environmental classifier, Orka Two dynamically adjusts to the surroundings, filters out noise, and delivers a phenomenal audio experience to users.

With Bluetooth® 5.3 technology equipped, universal compatibility is no longer wishful thinking. Both Android and Apple users are able to remotely adjust their Orka Two via the Orka Health app without in-person visits and simultaneously connect up to two of their primary devices. This allows users to easily engage in their professional, entertainment, and communication needs without breaking stride.

Orka Two doesn’t just provide a better hearing solution. It delivers a more user-centric design experience. The wireless charging case keeps Orka Two charged and ready to use, while sleek on-case control feature also ensures maximum convenience and efficiency. Each package includes a pair of hearing devices, a charging case, and an accessory kit. Additionally, the package comes in an equally sleek carry case for the user's convenience.

Orka Two Services

“I used hearing aids for seven years before finally switching to the cochlear implant, and my personal battle with hearing loss sparked the idea to create Orka, so that we could better the lives of those going through similar difficulties,” said Xinke Liu, Chief Communications Officer and co-founder of Orka. “Throughout my own personal journey with hearing loss, I’ve learned the importance of ongoing and personalized support, which is why Orka Two has evolved out of empathy, so we can help customers adjust to, and make the most of, their hearing devices.”

Even before day one with Orka, users can begin to enjoy personalized service and professional consultation with the Orka team, from free professional in-app hearing screening, and ongoing consultations, to remote adjustments tailored to their individual hearing conditions. Orka's rapid and streamlined feedback cycles ensure a comprehensive level of support throughout the entire customer journey.

No Tiered Pricing/One Price, Complete Access

Beginning August 15, 2023, Orka Two is available for purchase through our official website. At Orka, transparency is paramount, and we guarantee a non-tiered pricing structure, with no hidden fees or surprises. For an MSRP of $1,899, you can experience the best that Orka Two has to offer, backed by a 3-year warranty. For more information, please visit hiorka.com.

About Orka

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, Orka is a multinational startup focused on innovative hearing technologies. As one of the first global tech companies to employ AI technology throughout the full lifecycle of hearing aids, Orka is dedicated to creating an integrated hearing aid system that combines hardware, AI algorithms, and services. By achieving precise separation of human voices and noise, developing smart hearing aids, and a remote fitting platform, Orka offers users efficient solutions for remote, fine-tuning hearing aids, and redefining hearing aid products and services. Since its inception, Orka has been devoted to breaking the technological limitations of traditional hearing aids. Through combining design and technology, Orka hopes to tackle the challenges of hearing loss in a smart and economical way, making healthcare more personable and convenient. Learn more at https://hiorka.com/AboutUs.

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