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1. Check the remaining power of your hearing aids

Make sure your hearing aids are charged. You can find the remaining battery displayed on the earbuds or via the LED indicator.

2. Restart your hearing aids

Put the hearing aids into the charging case and close the lid, wait for around 10 seconds, and then take the hearing aids out. Make sure the charging case is charged.

3. Check the volume control in the app

You can turn up the volume in either ear in the app.

4. Check if the wearing is completed

Please follow the instructions in the How-to video to place the earpiece correctly. Slightly shake your head to ensure that your hearing aid fits.

5. Check the microphone, earpiece and wax guards on both hearing aids are free from earwax

You can follow the 'Care and maintenance' section of the user manual for hearing aid cleaning and maintenance.

6. Check your ear canal

Please check whether your ear canal is clean and free from earwax.

7. Contact Us

For more information or help, please contact us at support@hiorka.com.

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