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Whistling or squealing sound

The amplified sound from the hearing aid speaker can be re-amplified by the microphone, resulting in a high-pitched whistling sound. So it is normal for whistling to occur in the following situations:

• Hands near the hearing aid

• Answering the phone

If you experience whistling when wearing orka hearing aids, try the following solutions:

1. Check the whistle block function

Please check whether the whistle block function has been activated. You can find this feature in the Orka Health App under your current hearing profile. Simply click on the function to toggle it on or off as desired.

2. Place the earpiece correctly in your ear canal

Please follow the instructions in the How-to video to place the earpiece correctly. Slightly shake your head to ensure that your hearing aid fits.

3. Choose a suitable dome

Improper dome can cause whistling sound. Follow the instructions in the How-to video to choose a suitable dome.

4. Check the volume control in the app

High volume can easily lead to whistling, you can turn down the volume in either ear in the app.

5. Contact Us

For more information or help, please contact us at support@hiorka.com.

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