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Explore Bluetooth® Hearing Aids: Facts That You Might Want to Know

Written by OrkaDec 03, 2021 - 5 min read


What are Bluetooth® hearing aids?

As technology grows rapidly, Bluetooth® function is now combined with hearing aids that enable users to live a more convenient life. Apart from amplifying sound, Bluetooth® hearing aids also make it possible to receive sound from smart devices. With Bluetooth® hearing aids, consumers may listen to their favorite music and make phone calls without removing their hearing devices. Keep in mind however, there are two types of Bluetooth® technology. Some will only allow basic control functions whereas more advanced Bluetooth® technology will allow streaming and two-way phone conversations!

What are the advantages of Bluetooth® hearing aids?

Bluetooth® hearing aids provide users with unimaginable flexibility compared to traditional hearing aids.

Unlimited streaming

Effortless audio streaming is probably the priority for users. Users wearing Bluetooth® hearing aids can stream their favorite music and films from phones, TVs, and other tablets wirelessly.

Hands-Free Phone Call

With Bluetooth® technology, you will be able to answer phone calls without removing your hearing aids or squeezing the phone against your ear.

Remote Hearing Profile Synchronization

Many Bluetooth® hearing aids offer remote service that allows users to apply adjustments or updates from home. For example, users of Orka can get latest technical upgrades and hearing profile adjustments with a simple click on their phone. It will be instantaneously synchronized to their hearing aids.

Personalize Hearing Settings

You can customize hearing settings, change volume, and switch between multiple modes on your smartphone. For those who struggle with tiny buttons on hearing devices, your frustration will be perfectly solved by the Bluetooth® function.


Are all Bluetooth® hearing aids available for iPhone and Android users?

Most of the hearing aids in the market can only stream audio directly from IOS system devices like iPhone, but not from Android devices and other standard Bluetooth® devices. This is because that current hearing aids chips can not process such high volume of Bluetooth® transmission due to power constraints. This is why manufactures sell separate accessories called "streamers" to hearing aids users. A streamer acts as a bridge between hearing aids and Bluetooth®-enabled devices such as TV, tablets, etc.

Many Bluetooth® hearing aids manufacturers choose to meet the majority of users' demands by introducing "Made for iPhone" (MFI) hearing aids that can connect directly to all Apple devices. This is where you can stream audio from all apple devices.

In 2018, Google developed Android Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) allowing users to pair hearing aids with more Android phones. However, even until now, ASHA is only supported on Android devices with Bluetooth® 5.0+ and Android 10 or higher. This also varies depending on the hearing aids users chose, so it is necessary for consumers to check whether their Android devices are compatible with their projected hearing aids.

How to choose the right Bluetooth® hearing aids?

Although the tag #Bluetooth® HEARING AIDS has become a commonly used selling point in the health industry, Bluetooth® hearing aids of different brands usually hold different features. For example, some claim to have Bluetooth features but is only used for hearing settings adjustment. No streaming or phone calls are included. To choose the right hearing aids for yourself, you need to think about which feature is most important to you. Here are some essential features you may want to consider when selecting your hearing aids:

Compatibility with iPhone And Android:

Not all Bluetooth® hearing aids are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Many hearing aids are only made for iPhone (MFI) that are not accessible to Android users. It is best that you find Bluetooth® hearing aids that can connect with the smart device you are currently using.

Rechargeable Bluetooth® Hearing Aids:

Typically, hearing aids with Bluetooth® function would drain the battery significantly faster than normal. Advanced features undoubtedly bring people more convenience, but at the same time, they would deplete batteries. The best solution for this is to choose rechargeable hearing aids that can last for years of time.


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