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AI Denoise Technology: Hearing Aids for Noisy Environment

Written by OrkaOct 26, 2021 - 5 min read


Imagine you’re in a restaurant having dinner with your family or friends. Instrumental Jazz music playing in the background, forks scratching on plates and phones ringing left-right, it is almost impossible to hear what the person right in front of you is saying because your hearing aids are picking up so many sounds simultaneously. However, AI noise reduction technology in hearing aids like Orka One will automatically filter out the unwanted background sounds and pick up human voices in any noisy environment.

Orka One's Artificial Intelligence technology automatically adapts to the environment so you can hear clearly in any situation

What is Denoise Technology?

Denoise refers to removing noise from a signal. Denoising technology is a signal processing method whereby a signal from a noisy place is reconstructed. Therefore, the unnecessary noise is filtered out, and only the relevant information is preserved.Basically, with denoise, the focus is on details. It eliminates anything else that disrupts or gets in the way of the itsy bitsy details and quality information. Picture it as quality control to raise a device’s standards by ensuring the required specifications are met.

Benefits of AI Denoise Hearing Aids

  • Better Hearing in Noisy Environments
  • Hearing in a noisy environment with hearing aids is very difficult. Most hearing aids are designed in such a way that when you increase the volume, both soft and very high-frequency sounds are also raised.
    Speech is generally categorized as a low-frequency sound. Therefore, you will most likely hear blasting music and noisy traffic than what the person right next to you is saying. This makes it even harder to hold meaningful conversations.
    However, AI Denoise technology hearing aids can distinguish the background noise and low-frequency sounds so you can effortlessly converse with your family and friends in noisy areas.

  • Listening in Comfort
  • Hearing aid users often face daily challenges in adjusting their hearing aids settings to have a comfortable listening experience. There is a lot of strain when you try to listen or even watch TV.
    But AI hearing aids can adjust settings automatically so you can listen in comfort both outdoors or indoors, in crowded or quiet places!

  • Great Sound Quality
  • There is a difference between high sound volumes and excellent sound quality. Even if you increase the volume of a hearing aid, when the sound quality is poor, you’ll only hear irritating noises, which quite frankly isn’t helpful.
    AI denoise hearing aid allows you to hear clearer in any situation. Just imagine listening to the dried crunching leaves as you take a nature walk in autumn. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll reminisce about your love for nature.

  • Live Better
  • AI powered hearing aids allow you to live better. It works hand in hand with you to adapt to your lifestyle.
    How is that even possible? The devices can learn and recognize what you like and adapt to it. You’ll be able to access the world through sound conveniently and effortlessly. By putting intelligence within reach, you’re able to conquer all the milestones you encounter day in day out when using regular hearing aids.

Closer with intelligence, better hearing experience and life

Orka One AI denoise hearing aids fulfills your hearing needs by using the latest technology to help you hear better and clearly. The hearing aids will filter out background noises and amplify real-time human voices. It comes with two modes; automatic for moderate noises and aggressive for extremely high noises giving you the freedom to listen selectively to what is happening all around you.

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