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7 Tips for Your Hearing Aid Maintenance

Written by OrkaFeb 15, 2021 - 5 min read


Like any other tool or product that we use on a daily basis, your hearing aids require appropriate care and maintenance. The conditions that your hearing aids spend most of the time in — your ear canal — surrounded by earwax and moisture are far from ideal. Taking time to clean and take care of your hearing aids will ensure they last longer and maintain a high level of capacity at all times. Our ultimate guide to your hearing aid maintenance has 7 tips and tricks on how to best take care of your device.

Adopt a nighttime routine

Practice cleaning hearing aids every night before bed. It allows them to air out for several hours before getting used again in the morning. With standard hearing aids, it would be best to completely remove the batteries and leave the battery compartment open to let it dry overnight. When using Orka One, batteries don’t have to be removed before cleaning as the device is rechargeable so the cleaning and maintenance are much easier.

Incorporating hearing aids maintenance routine will help you enjoy them for longer.

Invest in hearing aids cleaning tools

Before investing in any tools, consult with your hearing aid specialist or hearing healthcare professional to see which tools they recommend.

A few of the most commonly used tools:

  • Specialist cleaning brush. This type of brush usually has a soft tip for carefully cleaning the surface and the body of your hearing aids.
  • Wax pic or hook. This tool helps to safely remove wax and other debris from the holes of your device without damaging it.
  • Multi-tool. This all-in-one tool will be your go-to for all cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids. It usually has both a soft brush and a wax pick.
  • Hearing aid dehumidifier. It’s worth investing in if you live in a humid climate or spend a lot of time outdoors.
Orka comes with a set of cleaning tools right out of the box.

Avoid moisture, heat, and cold

Hearing aids should be kept away from moist and humid environments, including your bath and shower, swimming pools or saunas. Take them out when washing your face and taking showers so that little droplets of water can’t damage them.

Establish a regular cleaning routine

Wash your hand with antibacterial soap before cleaning your hearing aids. Never use alcohol, cleaning sprays, or solvents for cleaning them — a simple soft, dry cloth would work just fine.

Keep it away from hair and makeup products

It’s best not to wear the device when doing your regular hygiene and skincare routine to make sure the products don’t get inside. Also, apply hair sprays and gels with your hearing aid out as they might damage the microphone input and volume control switch.

Talk to professionals

A hearing aid professional can give you advice on how to clean and maintain your device without damaging it. Using Orka’s Remote Care service, customers can make an appointment with an audiologist online and save plenty of time.

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