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Orka One has won Red Dot Award Product Design!

Written by OrkaJun 29, 2021 - 2 min read


Orka One has won RedDotAward: Product Design 2021! We take pride in our team's efforts to endlessly challenge the limits in creating cutting-edge technology with a sleek design.

“Orka One bridges the gap between headphones and hearing aids in terms of both technology and design. It offers the user considerable freedom along with modern aesthetics,” commented the Red Dot Jury.

Red Dot Design Award is a globally recognized standard for innovative, thoughtful design across diverse product categories, one of which is medical technology. Within an industry environment that has long been stagnant in creating for humans and not “users”, Orka has served as a pioneer by integrating meticulous technology and subtle beauty for the best user experience.

Driven by the core value of human-centered healthcare, we design taking into consideration how to fulfill the various needs of our clients, ranging from aesthetics to compatibility. To receive this award is an acknowledgment of our team’s endless efforts to strive for excellence and inspiration.

Stay tuned for more! Orka won’t stop here. If anything, all of us will further challenge limits in our journey, and we would love for you to witness that progress.

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