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Why Should You Buy Hearing Aids Online

Written by OrkaMay 25, 2021 - 5 min read


Thanks to the internet, buying things online has made shopping less tiring and more private.

Before hearing aids were available online, the only way to get hearing aids was by visiting a hearing center or an in-person clinic. A person had to undergo several hearing tests, followed by a couple of adjusting appointments. This process requires a lot of time, efforts, and money.

Today, you can purchase FDA-cleared hearing aids with just a simple click. Online providers have partnered with telehealth practitioners to make it easier to buy, fit, and adjust hearing aids.

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Advantages of Buying Hearing Aids Online

Buying hearing aids online is ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. If you suffer from severe hearing loss, it’s advisable to visit a hearing center or a nearby clinic and get a full medical exam before purchasing hearing aids.

There are numerous advantages of buying hearing aids online from a reliable company like Orka.
  • Cost-effciency
  • Most online providers, like Orka, offer direct-to-consumer services. Online providers can save on channel & middlemen costs, audiology clinic costs hence making online hearing aids much more cost efficient compared to traditional channels. Fitting and adjustments are also be made via telehealth practices by a team of licensed audiologists.

  • Convenience
  • Imagine doing everything from the comfort of your couch. Purchasing hearing aids online reduces the regular hassle of getting hearing aids. Your hearing aids can be delivered right to your doorstep. No more waiting to get a fitting appointment, no more waiting rooms. Now you can book an appointment using online and schedule a video call with licensed audiologists for further adjustments.

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  • Freedom to Make an Informed Decision
  • Purchasing hearing aids for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Often, most new users find it challenging to make informed decisions. When purchasing hearing aids online, new users have the freedom to conduct thorough research, review different products, enjoy a free trial to test drive before committing to purchase.

What to Consider Before Buying Hearing Aids Online

Before purchasing hearing aids online, there are some considerations you have to keep in mind. These factors include:
  • Customer Service
  • Most hearing aids have unique specifications and features that can be hard to navigate without an expert’s help. Therefore, before buying hearing aids from an online service provider, ensure that they offer excellent customer care services.

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  • Functionality
  • One of the main reasons you’re purchasing hearing aids is to improve your hearing experience. Ensure that you opt for hearing aids that will cater to your hearing needs and not just PSAPs (Personal Sound Amplifiers).

  • After-sale services
  • It might take quite some time before you adapt to your hearing aids. This process requires close monitoring from an expert. Opt for a company with good warranty terms and conditions and a return period. At Orka, we have a 45-day return policy and a one-year warranty period.

What to Expect When Buying Orka Hearing Aids Online

At Orka, we offer tremendous buyer-to-consumer experience. When looking for hearing aids online, make sure you get proper fine-tuning, value for money and the latest technologies!

With Orka, your buyer-consumer relationship doesn’t end when you receive your hearing aids. We offer fittings, tunings, and adjustment appointments online via our Orka app or our official website. You will get fine-tuning sessions when you need them at the comfort of your own home. We support adjustments for the long term.

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