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Listen to Trenton's Story and What He Has to Say About His Orka Experience

Written by OrkaDec 09, 2022 - 3 min read


Hi, my name is Trenton Baisley and I am 71 years old. I have been hearing impaired since in my late 50's and have had several different models of hearing aids. Initially (it's) one of the first for an in-canal hearing aid with a custom mold, then behind-the-ear hearing aids from various manufacturers and then Costco. I have had several different models that were made by different major manufacturers. I tried the Bluetooth® features with the clumsy hang around the neck interfaces that never worked. Although the hearing aids helped with hearing sounds I personally never really noticed any improvements on clarity of voice communication. I was told it was a matter of 'how my brain interpreted the sounds and would take time to adjust.'

I quit updating my hearing aids as I was not noticing any appreciable improvement in my hearing and its been 5 years since my last update. However, I never quit looking for the latest technology to see if there was something new that may give me the features and noticeable improvement in hearing I was looking for. My biggest challenge being the phone. I had a very difficult time understanding people on the telephone. I am a cancer patient so do have a great deal of important calls relative to my treatments so (it is) a very difficult time to receive and respond to calls regarding treatment appointments.

Then came an internet Ad on Orka One and their recognition at the CES! After reading about their DeNoise technology and ease of Bluetooth® connectivity for a phone, I decided to give them a try with their 45 day trial. I am so glad I did as they are without a doubt the best hearing aids I have ever had the pleasure of wearing!

There are so many outstanding features, (and I) will list them as I have experienced them:

  • First and foremost the ease of conducting an online hearing test.

  • Second the ease of having adjustments made to the hearing aids, only have had to have one.

  • Customer service is excellent, timely, friendly and considerate.

  • The fit was easy and most comfortable.

  • Being able to both hear and interpret voices was immediately noticeable as well.

  • The ability to connect to Bluetooth® to make phone calls, receive phone calls and play music, podcasts etc. is simple and very dependable. Sound quality is excellent!

  • The case that recharges them is outstanding, (I) can recharge them so quickly and three recharges on one case charge which also charges very quickly! I have had no problem making it through a day on a single charge just using them as hearing aids.

I am so pleased with these and wanted to share my personal experiences to help anyone considering trying them.

Being a seasoned user of hearing aids I highly recommend them. They have made a significant improvement to my quality of life and only someone who struggles with their hearing would understand how wonderful it is to be able to hear and understand others!

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