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Signs of Hearing Loss

Written by OrkaJul 6, 2023 - 3 min read


At Orka, we want to shed light on an essential topic that affects many individuals and their loved ones: hearing loss. Whether you're personally experiencing it or concerned about someone close to you, understanding the signs and symptoms is crucial for early detection and seeking appropriate support and treatment.

Hearing loss is often gradual and can manifest in various ways. It's essential to recognize these signs of hearing loss so that steps can be taken to aid communication. Below, we've compiled a list of common signs and situations that may indicate hearing loss:

  1. Difficulty understanding speech: Do you find it challenging to understand conversations, especially in noisy environments? Do you frequently ask others to repeat themselves or struggle to follow discussions during family gatherings or social events?

  2. Increased volume on electronic devices: Have you noticed yourself turning up the volume on the television, radio, or other electronic devices to levels that others find too loud? This may indicate a diminished ability to perceive sounds at lower volumes.

  3. Muffled or distorted sounds: Are you experiencing sounds as muffled or unclear? Do people's voices sound mumbled or indistinct?

  4. Social withdrawal: Have you found yourself avoiding social situations or withdrawing from conversations due to difficulties understanding others? Do you feel anxious or frustrated in group settings or when engaging in discussions?

  5. Tinnitus: Do you experience persistent ringing, buzzing, or other phantom sounds in your ears, even in quiet environments? While tinnitus can have multiple causes, it often coexists with hearing loss.

  6. Miscommunication: Are you frequently misinterpreting what others say, leading to misunderstandings or confusion? This may include mishearing specific words or responding inappropriately to the topic of conversation.

Please note that these signs can also be observed by concerned family members or friends who interact closely with individuals experiencing hearing loss. If you notice any of these signs in yourself or someone dear to you, we recommend seeking further evaluation from a hearing care professional.

Remember, taking proactive steps toward addressing hearing losscan significantly improve your overall quality of life and enhance communication with your loved ones.

Wishing you well on your hearing health journey.

About the Author

Dr. Alexi SilanceDoctor of Audiology (AuD), DNM

With over 30 years experience as an audiologist, Dr. Alexi has a passion for improving communication abilities for those with hearing loss. Her focus lies heavily on providing education about hearing aids and tinnitus management.

All content and information on this website is for informal and educational purposes only, nothing contained herein shall constitute medical advice, and does not establish any patient-client relationship by your use and access of this blog.
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